•Your dream was given to you. If someone else can’t see it for you that’s fine; it was given to you and not them. It’s your dream. Hold it. Nourish it. Cultivate it! You are responsible for your dreams. You are not in competition with anybody. You and you alone are responsible for yourself.
• By saying: “I can’t do it,” your brain stops working. By saying: “How can I do it?” Your brain is put to work. Believe you can and the grace to do it will come in Jesus’ name! 
• Do you know what to do to reach your goal and achieve them? It’s necessary that you align yourself with people that are hungry and are willing to help you. People that are unstoppable and unreasonable. It’s necessary to get the losers and those who do believe in you out of your life.
• I have learned that to get out of life what I expect, I must commit myself to begin each day by concentrating on positive thoughts with great faith and focusing on my goals.
• Are the people around you holding you back or empowering you to move forward? If your life is going nowhere, take a look at the group of people you hang around with. You are to make daily progress towards your goals and dreams.
• Think big when you set your goals. Dare to think big and then set a series of smaller goals to get you there. For negatively charged people sit on their “buts.” Monitor your language. Listen to the way you respond to questions and situations. Always keep faith alive – that is the key to victory in life.
• Words are the most powerful tool God has given us to work with in all situations. In the present context, never use words like: defeat, doubt, sickness, disease and others. Use words like hope, belief, faith, joy, healing, victory and it shall be yours.
• We must send out positive thoughts;’ thoughts of faith and hope that will activate the world around us positively and draws back to us positive results. We must reject all evil and negative reports. We must not curse our future. We must bless our today and our tomorrow for whatever we expect we get.
• Pain is temporary. It may last for a minute, or an hour or a day, or more. But eventually, it will subside. And something else takes its place. If you quit, however, it will last forever. You are on a transition to higher glory and victory in Jesus’ name. Just keep faith alive.
• Dreamers find excuses, doers take action. If something doesn’t go their way, the dreamer will blame and then delay. They will give reasons their ideas aren’t working. They will find excuses as to why they can’t continue and why it’s someone else’s fault. The “doer,” on the other hand is solution oriented. They are constantly looking to fix problems, come up with new solutions and get creative with the problems they face. They opt for action, even the smallest kind, instead of letting excuses as to why something can’t be done paralyse them.
• Others can inspire and encourage you, but ultimately the only thing that empowers you is what lies within you. Let me just remind you what lies within you: they are greatness, faith, hope, healing, unstoppable and unconquerable spirit. These are your keys to success.
• The Rt. Rev. (Dr.) Duke Akamisoko is the Bishop of Kubwa, Province of Abuja.

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