The popular Star Wars and Marvel streaming shows get all the attention, but since its launch, Disney Plus has slowly developed into a service replete with animated shorts like ‘I Am Groot’.
However, if you look a little closer, you can find some great content, such as some Mickey Mouse shorts in the vintage style, a unique take on Star Wars, and a charming series about Baymax from Big Hero 6. I Am Groot can now be added to that small list of films.
In hindsight, the series looks inevitable. Since he was transformed into a baby, Groot as always voiced by Vin Diesel has served as the comic relief for the Marvel universe in the vein of the Minion.
Nowadays, Groot’s existence is frequently represented by several animated shorts that have only tangential connections to the Guardians of the Galaxy film he’s currently in. Why not create solo shorts from those? The entire film, I Am Groot, is only about 20 minutes long; the individual episodes are only a few minutes apiece. That is around the same length as an MCU post-credits sequence.
However, it succeeds in this instance since the gimmick doesn’t stick around for too long. A remarkable amount of variation is also present.
A sci-fi horror story vibe permeates one short while a bonsai tree fight is featured in another. The slapstick comedy is based on Groot’s propensity to 1 get tremendously irritated about the smallest hassles and 2 make extremely poor decisions. Everything is very ridiculous and unimportant.
There isn’t much to say about it other than the fact that it’s silly and entertaining, and that it will particularly appeal to those who enjoyed watching a tiny Groot dance in some kind of a flower pot in live-action films. He browses on a bar of soap in one scenario.
I Am Groot is hardly the type of show that will convince you to join a new streaming service. However, I do wish there had been more exploration on these platforms. Don’t get me wrong; I think big-budget shows like Loki or Obi-Wan are fantastic.
But with the size of all these imaginary universes and the lack of a set TV schedule to follow, I’d love to see more eccentric projects like I Am Groot. That’s a big part of why I liked What If…? so much. It simply felt unique.
The relatively extensive slate of animated Marvel programmes in development for Disney Plus suggests that may be occurring already, at least in part.
Some will broaden the canon of the MCU by adding information that the live-action films and television series left out. However, ideally, some of them will be as pleasantly unimportant as watching Groot unwind in a hot tub.

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