SIR: A few days ago, I forwarded a video as shared with me from a foreign country but the video contained the sordid activities in Nigeria. I was technically accused of forwarding unwanted video on a platform. That same video, I have forwarded to a member of Lagos State House of Assembly and also to a senator from Lagos State. But, the reaction of one of my colleagues on our platform prompted this write up. She claimed that we all knew what was happening in Nigeria and that we were all helpless. The one thing we could do was to pray to God.
Yoruba has a proverb which says: “Agbaa ti ko kehun sooro, aa ketan saare.” Meaning, a stitch in time, saves nine. Should we all continue to pretend as if nothing is happening in Nigeria, because, we are not directly affected? Nigeria is on fire and yet, our politicians are behaving as if there is absolute peace in the nation. Truly, corruption may kill Nigeria. It is now obvious that corruption has its strong foothold everywhere in Nigeria. In all political parties all over the country, the highest bidder carried the day. What kind of democracy are we practising in Nigeria? I weep for the generations unborn, because, their forefathers and foremothers had sold the nations to the highest bidders.
Well, if we all continue to bury our head in the sand like the ostrich, we are not helping democracy in Nigeria. Politicians don’t steal billions of Naira anymore but trillions of Naira. Ah! this nation is already in ashes and hell will soon be let loose. It is now getting to a point where the Almighty God will speak for the poor of this nation.
Any discerning Nigerian can now see that it was a deliberate and orchestrated plan to impoverish all Nigerians except politicians and their cohorts. All the corruption fighting agencies in Nigeria could not arrest or lay their hands on a single man who corruptly enriched himself with over one trillion Naira and over nine million dollars. Ah, God will judge Nigeria. This is the time to speak out and I implore every God fearing Nigerians to speak out, stop pretending that there was nothing wrong or happening in this nation.
This is not a matter of prayer alone as God will like us to speak out and even shout in all social media against the injustice and corruption ravaging Nigeria. Nigeria belongs to God and to all of us and not to an individual. With the current happenings in all the frontline political parties, it shows that money had become a god in Nigeria.
Dr. Sunday O. Ajai.
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