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Sir: “It has been a great honour to contribute to nation-building efforts through our party. Unfortunately, recent developments within our party make it practically impossible to continue participating and making such constructive contributions. Our national challenges are deep-seated and require that we each make profound sacrifices towards rescuing our country. My commitment to rescuing Nigeria remains firm, even if the route differs.” – Dr. Peter Obi (excerpt from his resignation letter to the PDP National Secretariat, Abuja)
His vibrant vision to get our dear country, Nigeria out of the murky waters of the ever-escalating insecurity conundrum, the debilitating economic quagmire, mass youth unemployment, as well as to get the critical areas of education, healthcare delivery and agriculture working again and  institute the respect for the rule of law are crystal clear. His name is Dr. Peter Obi, former governor of Anambra state.
That reminds me that of all the current presidential aspirants, his name keeps ringing a loud bell, in decibels across the country.
Millions of young and enlightened Nigerians believe that he is the one man that can make the needed difference; to change the narrative from the current sordid state of the nation. It is obvious on the social media and on the urban streets.
In fact, only recently a woman in her early fifties, selling fairly used clothes close to the vendor’s stand at the popular Allen Roundabout, Ikeja, Lagos joined the discussions going on amongst the newspaper readers:
“Ogajournaliss, ai beg who be dis Peter Obi? Whaai, demdey call im nameeffrywheaah?”
One had to enlighten her that Obi happens to be a former governor of Anambra State; the first to reclaim his mandate through the court after an illegal impeachment, the first to obtain the constitutional interpretation on the tenure of a governor and of course, the first in Anambra State to be re-elected for a second tenure. Beyond all these, however, he excelled in virtually all sectors of the economy.
“Oya, make una join hands make im become the next oga on top. Shebiim say job go plenty nyanfuu, nyafuu for awapickindem. The suffa-suffa too muuush for dis contry now. Tins cost welliwelli, no be small”. She urged those around.
Obi does not believe that political positions should swing only to the highest bidders. Like George Osborne, he believes and rightly so that: “If we don’t get a grip on government spending, there will be no growth.” From all indications, he is one political leader who the led majority can trust that he would keep to his words. Indeed, Obi has shown that leadership in a democracy is all about being visionary, proactive, people-oriented and all- inclusive.
Is he the game-changer Nigerians have been waiting for to bridge the gap between our vast natural resources and the hunger in the land? Time will tell but the answer is right there in our voters’ hands.
• By Ayo Oyoze Baje

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